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Released March 7, 2023 from Macmillan / Feiwel & Friends

A YA anthology originating from tweets from contributors Ananya Devarajan and Camryn Garrett, and edited by Aashna Avachat, out now! Told over the course of one academic year, STUDY BREAK features college students of all years at the same campus, the University of Milbridge. At Milbridge, students overhaul the futures they thought they wanted, meet friends who allow them to grow into themselves, struggle with the idea that childhood is ending and suddenly they’ll have to be real adults, and realize they are not alone. STUDY BREAK is a peek into the intersecting lives of a college community. Contributors include: Jake Maia Arlow, Aashna Avachat, Arushi Avachat, Ananya Devarajan, Camryn Garrett, Christina Li, Racquel Marie, Laila Sabreen, Michael Waters, and Joelle Wellington.

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